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Well Designed Children’s Furniture

Many people found that things that especially designed for the kids are somewhat better designed than the normal design. Maybe it’s because the size is smaller so that the designer has smaller space to design. Or maybe because the designer can be more expressive for the kid’s furniture since kids are really open minded. As we all know, a lot of adults tend to use simple designed furniture in basic color. That’s the opposite for the kids. Kids love decorations and colorful furniture. That’s why we can found more well designed children’s furniture in the store.

Let’s start with the bed as the children’s furniture that was well designed. As we know that bedroom is the main room for the kids to play. And bed is something that we will definitely found in the bedroom. That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about the well-designed beds for kids. The first one is the loft designed bed in wooden box frame. This is the box-shaped bedroom frame that was attached on the ceiling. It’s like a tree house but inside the bedroom. There’s a ladder that attached at one side of the box-shaped bed frame for the children to go down. Inside of the box, you can put a bed or other things. If you worry that the kids can fall from that, you can use it as a playground only.

The second well designed bed as children’s furniture is the princess themed bed. Princess theme is one of the most popular themes in the girls’ bedroom. In this case, the designer was designed the bed in house-like frame with ladder and many colorful decorations. The main color is pink with many dolls, bags, shoes, and other things. With just one look, you can tell that this bed was using princess theme as the main theme.

Gallery of Well Designed Children’s Furniture