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Types of Small Step Stool

Small step stool is the typical of small and low-height stool that usually used as chair to sit, or a small stool to be step on if we want to pick something from high place if we don’t really need a ladder. There are some different things between this small stool and the common stool. First of all, small stool is smaller than the regular stool. Second is the material that used to make the small stool. Small stool was usually made from plastic, while regular stool was usually made from wood. And the third is the main function of small stool that is as the replacement of the ladder, while regulars stool was basically has the same function as chair.

Now, is there only one type of small step stool? Well, the answer is no. Basically, the model of the design will be similar, but there are actually some types of the step stool that you might found in the store. The first type of the step stool is the one level step stool in basic rectangular shape with four small legs. This is the type of the common step stool that made from plastic. Its light weighed and some people also bring it at the camp site as the camping chair.

The second one is the two or three levels of step stool. This kind of step tool consists of two or three levels as for us to use as the replacement of the small ladder. This was also made from plastic, but some of them were also made from wood. The last small step stool is the folding ladder-like step stool. This is the typical of stool that using folding chair as the basic model of the stool with the ladder design thanks to the levels and the steps that were designed specially to be used as the replacement of the ladder.

Gallery of Types of Small Step Stool