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Pjesët e trupit –…

Ky eshte nje kuiz rreth pjesëve të trupit ne gjuhen angleze.Pra testoni njohurite tuaja rreth pjesëve të trupit se…
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Blackberry House Escape

It’s summer, so it’s time to eat your favorite fruits, blackberries. You just adore this fruits and can’t stop…


50 Targets Shooting…

Click anywhere to shoot and try to hit all the 50 targets that will appear on screen! Your points…


Great Train Robbery

The train was robbed just outside of town. Find the robbers or at least find some clues!


Puzzles in Egypt

Use the mouse to put together five shots Egypt.


Fruit Count Math

Fruit Count Math is a mathematics game. In this game you need to count the fruits inside 2 boxes.…


Boulangerie Escape

A new boulangerie have opened in the town and it got famous pretty fast. All the people around you…


Zombie Head Venus

After back from the Moon and Mars, Zombie had the idea to go to the Venus, can you help…


Town Summer Festival

Our little town is getting ready for the summer festival. Help us make this the best festival ever!


Ship Harbor Escape

Escape from the ship harbor and run an expedition to the jungle, start your adventure now!


Monster Squad 3

Monster Squad 3 is a sequel of adventure RPG Monster Squad. This sequel features over 60 enemy sets, 6…