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Storage Chair as Functional Space Saver

Are you looking for additional storage cupboard to be placed on your kid’s playroom, yet you are worried since there not enough space for the storage anymore? After that, you are considering to use the wall-mounted cabinet or wall-shelf cabinet yet you are worried that it might fall over and hit your kid while playing by himself? Well, as if you are a parent who still full of worried, different with your son who is full of curiosity, you can decide to use the storage chair for 2 in 1 function, as long as you can use the chair properly.

The storage chair actually have different shape with common chair which often seen by you, since there is additional storage being hidden under the chair and stack over the chair practically in usage. Like no other chair, you can use it as additional storage, such as put several paper under the chair, your kid’s favorite toy to make it easily to be access, and another function which related with the storage function. Thus, by this chair being used properly on the room, it seems like you do not need to add additional storage place anymore since it is really helpful to save the space inside the playroom.

In order to attract your son, as well as teach him to save his own toys properly, you need to teach him slowly and gradually, so he will understand that the usage of storage chair is not only used as seat anymore, but also can be used to keep his own toys. In the other hand, choose the attractive and colorful color can also be a good idea since it can be another focal point either focus of your kid to use the chair well. So, what do you think about the existence of this chair equipped with hidden storage place, then?

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