speed stacking cups

Stacking Cups for Learning Speed

You will realize that your baby is a fast learner when you give her stacking cups for playing. Of course, the cups are really simple in usage, inexpensive and also portable to be used whenever and wherever you are since the size of the cups are as big as the hand grip of your baby. Depends on the research, stacking can help your baby to learn something new in fast, as well as develop their own eye and hand coordination, both to stack the cup into one and another. That is why, most cups are colored in colorful yet attractive color so the baby can differentiate the cups easily.

As if you are asking ‘who does not love stacking cupsand also knocking the cups back down?’ it seems like the answer is no one, especially for kids under three years old. However, most people agreed that the game of stacking the cups were really suit for 6-12 months and beyond since it is really helpful for toddler to coordinate both the eyes and hand coordination, also it is interesting for parents to see their baby figure out which ones goes where. Thus, besides it can help her brain work, the stacking games can be great for the parent, too.

There are several size of stacking cupsthat you can choose which can be adjusted with the hand grip of your baby. The cups made of rubber or plastic so you can reduce your worried level about the safety, besides, the material also easy to be washed and cleaned so you can give your baby the clean cups every time she asks for. In the other hand, do not forget to write down the development of your baby while playing the stacking the cups game, so you can estimate the development range of your baby.

Gallery of Stacking Cups for Learning Speed