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Kids Toy Bin Organizer

Toy bin organizer is the special bin that used to save the kids’ toys. By having toy bin, we can educate our kids about the responsibility to cleaning their toys when they’re done playing with the toys. So, it’s important to get the toy bin in kids’ playing room or bedroom. There are so many toy bins that you can find in the stores. But, instead of buying the toy bin, why don’t we make our own toy bin for kids from old things? There are many people who are doing DIY projects for creating toy bin. In this article, we’ll talk about two DIY projects for making toy bin in easy and simple way.

The first DIY project of making toy bin organizer is called Crafty Canisters from Heart of Wisdom. The idea of this project is so simple and easy to do. The creators use big size old coffee cans that made from plastic. Then they clean the can from the dirt and also the label of coffee at the front of the can. And then they replace it with certain sticker as the logo of Lego, crayons, and so on. In this way, the kids will easy to know which can is for certain toy. That’s really simple and easy to do, right?

The second DIY project of making toy bin organizer is called Vintage Crates. From the name, you can already guests that the creators from Ana White were using old crates as the replacement of the bin in toy bin. Since old crates were made from wood and they’re already looking like old wood, the crates seem like showing the vintage look. You just need to clean the crates and polished them so they’ll be smooth and safe to be used by kids. You can paint them if you feel like you don’t like vintage style.

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