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Kids Locker vs Common Locker

Locker is something that you may found in the school and some of the houses. Locker is actually pretty similar with storage, but locker is more like a private space for placing everything. At school, the students can put their uniform, books, lunch, bag, handcrafts, and other things in the locker. But for storage, it’s more like just for certain thing. And we usually use password or lock for the locker while storage is just the door without the lock. Kids locker was the typical of locked that especially designer for kids. Now, what’s the difference between common locker and locker for kids?

The first thing that we may notice is that the size of the kids locker is smaller than the common locker in the high schools of offices. That’s because the kids were also small and they usually didn’t bring too many books or toys when they go to kinder garden. In the kinder garden, we can find the locker for kids in like small box shape. Meanwhile for the common locker, it’s more like thin and tall design. The locker for kids was usually has one space only for placing all things that they want to put inside. For the common locker, it usually has hooks and at least to spaces inside the locker. So, there’ll a divider inside the locker.

The second thing that the kids locker has is the colorful theme with animal or plants picture. For the common locker, we may see grey color or other natural color for the locker. The third thing that we can easily notice is the kind of lock that used in the kid’s locker. Kid’s locker has simple lock like the one for the door. But for common locker for adults or students, they usually have modern password system for locking the locker.

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