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How to Win Games in TFT

Excelling at anything requires time, effort, and consistency. If you want to excel at something you would need to combine these three and work on it. Because you need time to understand and efficiently work on that thing. You need to put effort into getting yourself out of that comfort and work on the thing. Lastly you need consistency because without it you wouldn’t achieve any significant goal and it would not be called excelling.

Let’s take an example from building your career as a website developer. First, you need time to learn things about how websites work, which languages are used in them, and so on. After learning you need to practice the things you have learned which means putting in an effort lastly, you would need to be consistent with your effort because if you decide to learn web development and coding once in a while you will get nothing. You have to be consistent to get results.

The same principle is for excelling at any competitive game. Because these days being a pro at any competitive game has its perks. If you are good you can play in that game’s esports scene or if you want you can stream your gameplay and earn money from there. All in all, it is always good to get better at the game you love. In this blog, we are specifically going to talk about team fight tactics and how to be better at it and win matches. It’s going to be a list of tips and work around to get better at the game and eventually excel at it.


If you have played team fight tactics you know that the economy plays a major role in the game and if you manage it right your chances of winning every match will increase drastically. Now there are a couple of things that you can do to improve your in-game economy. The most basic thing that you need to do is to reach 50 Gold at first then think about doing anything. There are three strategies or rather approaches that you can take to harness gold.

Hoard strategy:

If you want to have the most amount of gold then you need to minimize your gold spending meaning that you can’t buy any new units throughout the starting rounds because at the start you get interest on your gold you get 10% on your existing gold until your gold reaches 50 so if you have 40 gold you’ll get 4 extra gold as interest. So by not spending you can get that extra interest on your gold. Hoarding your gold at the starting rounds can be beneficial for your overall economy.

Bold Strategy:

This strategy is pretty self-explanatory in the bold strategy you need to spend your gold on buying better units and reroll for better champions. So you can build a stronger team composition and claim that winning streak gold. But this strategy can also backfire because if somehow you lose a few rounds you eventually can lose the cash and eventually the match.

Hybrid Strategy:

The last approach is that you should always spend your gold based on situations. This approach might sound good but it is not the best one on the list because of team fight tactics. You get gold on either a losing streak or on a winning streak but with this, you could lose some of the rounds and win some of the rounds and what this strategy will do is it will strap you from bonus gold.

Positioning of Champions:

Team fight tactics is an auto battler which means that once you place your champions and the round starts you can’t do anything other than wait. That is why positioning in Tft is crucial because you can not change your unit’s position mid-round. So you must use adequate units for positions.


At the front line, you need tanks that can hold onto themselves and provide much-needed cover for backline champions. Something like Yorick or gnar to stabilize the frontline.  If you don’t have enough damage but have a good front you’ll have a chance of winning that round by adding a tier-one damage unit. You can get more information www.immortalboost.com/tft-boosting/


If you are looking for reliable units then in set 10 you could use Karthus, Akali, Ziggs, or Lux to be at your backlines because they have decent attack speed with good health all in all these three are good units to be at your back lines.

Scout Your Opponents:

The last thing on the list is to scout your opponents and make sure to do your due diligence. So if you are just starting then you should know that you can see your opponent’s bench unit which augments they are using and which items are lying on their deck. You can also see their gold economy and you can make a good enough prediction about the unit they are about to buy or when they are about to reroll. All in all, scouting is a good part to learn if you are a first-timer.


The tips I have given in this blog are a great starting point for you to work on. Other than that you could also try to watch any big e-sport players for new tactics and gameplay workarounds. If you do all of the things that I have given you in the blog then after an interval of time you’ll start to get better and better at the game.