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DIY Toy Box for Keeps All Your Children’s toys

Had small children in their development, will certainly put you save or clean up their toys at home. If you need a box to store your toys, you can use DIY toy box. This box is very practical, large enough, and has a unique motif that is sure to be liked your children. Teach them to always tidy up their toys after they finish playing. Enter all the toys they scatter out into the city while playing this toy. This box is made of light wood and is usually at the bottom there is a small wheel so that they are easy to move the toy box.

DIY toy box is coated with paint that is safe for children, so you do not need to worry. Various motives are offered varied as box-shaped houses with tile paint, and writing the alphabet so that they can practice to recognize letters. This toy box is closed and no one uses there were not. One box of toys preferred by boys is a box with a shape like a chair with a backrest, then made as if it were part of the deck of the ship sailors. In addition your children that women also can you give this toy box with a more feminine such as the use of the color pink with polka dot print. For a neutral toy box, you can buy them with the shape and color of the plain.

There are also neutral forms for boys and girls are a form that resembles a Lego toy box. This box is unique and of course your children will love it. DIY toy box also provides the manufacture of a name for each box of toys that you can give to each of your children. With this your child will love seeing their name listed on the toy box theirs.

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