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DIY Projects of Kids Book Storage

DIY projects are Do-It-Yourself projects that allow people to make things by their own style and making procedure. A lot of people have been doing this kind of project and share their projects online. The popular one is the DIY project of making new things using old things or unused things that were found in the house. And in this article, we’ll talk about DIY projects of kids book storage using things that we may found in the house.

There’s a kids book storage DIY project called Quick and Easy Book Storage from Domestic Simplicity. The creators were using spice racks that usually found in the kitchen and use it as book storage instead of spice storage. You can use the old spice racks in your kitchen and then polished them and painted them to get a better look. Or if you don’t have the spice racks, you can buy them in the store and the price for one set of spice racks is less than $5. That’s such a cheap price for creative bookshelves, right? At the final way, after polishing or painting process, you can attach the book shelves on the wall. You don’t need to put any support because the racks will attached strongly with nails only.

The second kids book storage DIY project is called Hanging Bedside Organizer from Sew Mama Sew. This is actually not a specific project for making book storage; it’s like the common storage that made from fabric. The creators were using old clothes, cut them into square shapes, and then sew them with one long fabric. And the result is a long fabric with many pockets and the fabrics were from old clothes. That’s really creative, right? You can hang it at one side of the kid’s bed or hanging on the wall if you want.

Gallery of DIY Projects of Kids Book Storage