mickey mouse toddler sofa chair and ottoman set

Cute Mickey Mouse Toddler Chair

Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular characters from Disney cartoons. This character was used in many designs of many things such as clothes, furniture, wallpaper, and many other things. Mickey Mouse is specifically cute thanks to the sweet smile and the cute looks of the mouse-like figure so that the kids find him so adorable. In this article, we’ll talk about Mickey Mouse toddler chair in cute designs that we may found in the store.

Let’s start the first Mickey Mouse toddler chair with a bean bag chair called Mickey Mouse Square Bean Bag Chair. This is the typical of the bean bag chair with backpad and arm pads. The pads and the main chair were made from fabric and soft fillers inside the fabric. The chair was using combination of red and blue color with Mickey Mouse’s picture at the corner of the back pad of the chair. The second one is the Mickey Mouse Saucer Chair. Saucer chair is the round shaped chair with metal legs as the frame and support under the round shaped chair. The main chair was fully made from fabric and soft fillers like bean bag. But saucer chair has metal support and it’s specifically designed in round shape.

The third Mickey Mouse toddler chair is called Disney Mickey Mouse Storage Table and Chairs Set. This is the set of table and chairs that made from wood. The chairs were especially cute with the colorful theme with orange color for the surface of the chair, and for the legs there are blue, yellow, green, and orange colors. The back support of the chair was in round shape and it was designed with the painting of Mickey Muse’s head with green layout. This kind of table and chairs set will be great to be placed in the kinder garden, right?

Gallery of Cute Mickey Mouse Toddler Chair