childrens twin size beds

Cool Ideas for the Children Beds

A bed is something that every bedroom at least should have. In case of childrens beds, we will found the cute design as the common design of the bed. Princess, hero, and animal are the most popular designs of the bed. But, it doesn’t mean that we can only found cute designs for the kid’s beds, right? In fact, we can find cool designed kids bed in the store. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the cool designs of the kid’s bed.

The first design of the childrens beds is the small truck-like frame as the frame for the bed. The frame is in the old look truck-like frame in red color. It’s like the look of the old truck that was used for a long time or the truck that has been not use for long time. There are even two small wheels as the addition of the decoration of the bed. The bed was small fluffy bed with two pillows like common bed. This is really cool bed frame for the kids, right? Boys will really love it.

The second one is the yellow truck-like bed frame. This is actually very similar with the previous one. But this bed is like the modern version of the previous one since he truck is in new looking and bright color. The decorations were also complete start with the lamps, wheels, steering wheels, and so on. The third one is the treehouse bed frame. This is also one of the most popular childrens beds designs. This is basically a loft designed bed with house-like frame and ladder at the side of the bed. The small wooden house is the one that makes the bed looks like a treehouse. You can get this loft-treehouse bed and use the addition space under the loft as the playground for your children to play.

Gallery of Cool Ideas for the Children Beds