cool boy bunk beds

Cool Designs of Boys Bunk Beds

Bunk bed is the typical of two stories bed that is so popular especially among the kids. Even though your kid is the only kid, sometimes he also wishes to have bunk bed so that he can have another space for playing under or on top of his bed. That will be like a playground for him to play inside his bedroom. That’s actually a good idea, right? Boys are usually more excited that the girls about the idea of having bunk beds. So, that’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about two cool designs of boys bunk beds.

The first design of the boys bunk beds is called Groovy Bus Bed. This is a small bus-framed bunk bed with the main bed at the top of the bus and there’s a play room under it. The bus was painted in orange and white color, the bed was in all white themes, and the play room was in colorful theme. This cool bunk bed was not only has the main bus frame but also the wheels with real VW parts. That’s really cool, right? There’s fence around the bed so the kid won’t fall down while sleeping, and there’s a ladder that connect to the play room so that your little boy can easily come down to play at his private play room.

The second design of the boys bunk beds is called LEGO-Themed Bunk Bed. Many boys are really enjoy playing with LEGO and create cars, robots, buildings, and many other things. Now, there’s a bunk bed that was designed with LEGO-like design and painted in colorful theme with blue, green, red, and yellow colors. The designer was using wood to build the bed, but then the designer make a lot of small round shaped wood that attached on the bed to create the LEGO-like design.

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