loft bed for toddler

Adorable Toddler Loft Bed

For many parents, giving their own kid a bedroom since they’re toddler is something that necessary to do. Many parents think that their kid should learn about being independence start from having his own bedroom. And of course, that’s not an easy job to do. In fact, many parents face trouble to get their toddler sleep alone in his own bedroom. Well actually, this kind of thing may not happen if we can get a special adorable toddler loft bed for him. Loft bed is the typical of two stories bed with the upper bed of the loft bed as the main bed, while the below bed or space can be used as place to play.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the toddler loft bed designs that look adorable and will be loved by toddlers. Now, let’s start with the adorable house-like loft bed. This loft bed is very special because the bed’s frame was the small house design with door and window plus curtain at the below part of the bed. And for the loft bed, it was designed like the rooftop with full cover of fence. The fence and the frame were painted in white color and the wall-like part was painted in violet color. Since this loft bed is pretty small, there’s a short ladder that designed especially so the kid won’t fall.

The second toddler loft bed is the theater-like loft bed. This is actually pretty similar from the previous one. But the below part of the loft bed was in stage-like design with curtain that can be pull off when you want to open it and close it again if you want privacy. The loft bed has a long fence to prevent from falling and there’s a slide for them that has designed edge so that it’ll be easy to be climbed on and safe for the toddler to sliding down.

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